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TESTO   106 Thermometer





New Testo 106 Compact Alarm Thermometer Complies with BS EN 13485

Testo launches new Testo 106 - a compact, competitively priced thermometer for accurate and hygienic measurement of temperature in food

The new Testo 106 is a compact, competitively priced thermometer for accurate and hygienic measurement of temperature in food. When used with the TopSafe protective case (IP 67), the Testo 106 complies with the new BS EN 13485 regulation that describes the requirements for thermometers used for measuring temperature during the transport, storage and distribution of chilled and frozen foods.

As well as compliance with this important standard, the Testo 106 offers the following benefits:

- Measures from -50 to +275°C, with a measuring rate of just 0.5 seconds

- The measured value can be frozen in the display by pressing the HOLD button

- An audible and visual alarm is automatically emitted when a set limit value is exceeded/ undershot.

- The instrument has a thin yet robust measuring tip that leaves barely visible puncture holes in food

The ease of use and competitive price of the Testo 106 make it ideal for use in catering, hotels, food transportation, supermarkets etc.

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